Sunday, 29 July 2012

Eating my way around Hong Kong Part 4: More is more in Hong Kong aka mango madness

When you need a cool drink and you will, frequently, in 30 degree heat wit 80% humidity there is a Starbucks and MacDonalds on every corner, literally they are everywhere! Obviously carrying water at all times is a must, but sometimes you will yearn to sit down in freezer like air conditioning and I’m not a snob about where this comes from, especially when you need it immediately.

But first, a HK native and therefore lesser known delight...
There isn’t an english version of the website, but you can definitely get the jest of what’s available from the photos, its like nothing we know in London, unless you have had some bubble tea in Soho.

Mango madness
More is more with a frapp ;)
From what I can tell, almost everything has mango in it. Whether its a drink or a dessert (and maybe with a side order of chicken wings). I had a mango and coconut juice, but why just have juice when you can add jelly, why not? So thats mango juice, coconut juice and mango juice. Interesting (in a good way) flavour and texture. Ice cold and such a relief from the heat. A lot of the other drinks had glutenious balls of some description, more is after all more.

Continuing with the theme that more is more, the starbucks frappicunios are more pimped in HK. There the tea with earl grey jelly and choc chip, which was a little too out there for me. And the green tea frapp, but its no good without adding the red beans, a classic chinese favour.

And the amazing Himalayan Iced Tea for MacDonalds, which in HK pretty much means you can get it 24 hours a day. It was a very sweet and creamy tea, I loved it. The Ice Soy Green Tea was very strong and grassy, I have a daily shot of Macha, but this was more intense in flavour and much more of an acquired taste.

Hong Kong McD specials

The HK equivelant to Starbuck’s is The Pacific Coffee Company, which also has many delightful coffee and iced treats (and pastries), should you be that way inclined.

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