Saturday, 7 July 2012

Eating my way around Hong Kong Part 1

I am lucky with my food intolerances that I can eat some of what I shouldn’t really and as long as I detox afterwards, I am generally OK, although its not ideal. This is what I did in Hong Kong, so my posts about HK will contain a lot of food that contains dairy, gluten and sugar, but some free form food as well.

If you are wanting traditional when in Hong Kong then Dim Sum at the Luk Yu Tea House is a must. This is an old school tea house, that’s been around for a long time (1933). Located in Central, in the heart of the modern ex-pat fast pace business district, Luk Yu is a complete contrast, like stepping into another world, in another time. 

Luk Yu: Another place, another time
Everything about Luk Yu was delightful, from the decor to the teaware and cutlery, to the menu, where you make your selection bingo style by circling your choices and tearing for the menu sheet to hand to your waiter. They do have an English version of the menu, but I was lucky enough to be with a native speaker, which always helps. We also compared menus and found it to be accurately translated, which doesn’t happen everywhere.

Delicate teaware @ Luk Yu
Dim Sum bingo sheet
We went at 4PM for a very late lunch, and found the place to be empty, which I understand is very unusual with such a popular place and so many long standing, regular customers.

We ordered Chinese Tea and 4 Dim Sum dishes, which is more than enough for 2 people with such generous portions. The waiter also thought we had ordered quite a lot, and told us so :)

Steamed barbecued pork bun - by far my favourite (although all the food was delicious). The buns, made from rice flour, were light and fluffy, the closest I have come to imagining that I was eating a cloud. A cloud with sweet and tender bbq pork inside. 

Steamed buns
Another dish was steamed rice with chicken wrapped in fresh lotus leaves, a gift of deep flavours enhanced by the infusing on the lotus leave flavour, or something like that - it was definitely good stuff.

Lotus leaf gift wrapped rice
I wanted to try a bit of everything, so of course there were dumplings and spring rolls, filled with shrimp, chicken and pork. Accompanied with lovely sauces. I wanted to keep eating even when I was most definitely full.

An amazing experience I would definitely recommend for anyone going to Hong Kong and wants to see Dim Sum done properly.  

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