Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's dessert - healthy chocolate mousse & raspberries

Well the recipe was healthy until I decided to add marshmallows on top of the dessert, the final touch and it was worth it :)

The recipe is easy and simple, and the parts can be made in advance, I adapted it from this BBC Good Food recipe. My version is free of gluten, refined sugar and diary (and also vegan). 

With the marshmallows (the optional extra) they are still gluten and diary free, but no longer sugar free and vegan. However, they are lovely and you can get them in the post. Don't have to go to a shop? Even better. I got these from Zukr Boutique on Etsy. Double layer Strawberry & Chocolate marshmallows. Yes. 
Artisan Marshmallows

The mousse ingredients
Makes enough for two and a little extra (next day leftovers!)
100g xylitol chocolate (or you can make your own)
200g raspberries 
1.5 tablespoons of honey

The method
Melt the chocolate.

Leave to cool for 10 minutes.

Mix in the yoghurt and honey with a whisk until everything is properly combined.

I did this the day before valentine's day and popped it in a piping bag in the fridge, ready to assemble when required. 

I used defrosted raspberries, so I add the juice as well. 

The raspberries were smart, the mousse is not too sweet - both good things. The flavours of both are strong so the marshmallow flavour got a bit lost. Probably best to eat the rest of them with a nice cup of tea. 
Raspberries & mousse!
 Happy valentine's day + 1.

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