Thursday, 6 September 2012

Workshop @ Recipease

I had a chance to go to Recipease to learn how to make Mexican Street Food.

Recipease is Jamie Oliver's Shop-Cafe-Cookery School. It is a nice environment to be in, quite cosy but at the same time, enough room to for about 20 people, in pairs to cook comfortably. It feels welcoming and homely and the demonstrators (or Food Champions as Jamie likes to call them) are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.
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Of course, you are learning to make Mexican street food dishes using Jamie Oliver recipes. But seeing as I'm a fan of Jamie Oliver - not a problem :) I would say, almost as a word of warning, there is a lot of chill involved!
As in other workshops I have been to, you cook in pairs - but this time I was with a friend this time, so it was not scary but a delight to be able to share the cooking. The recipes are demonstrated in stages, making different elements of each dish at the same time - think Jamie's 30 minute meals at a slightly slower pace. As you are cooking in pairs, it doesn't feel like you are working too hard, even though there is a fair amount to do, you do have time to enjoy it. All the ingredients was fresh and lovely and making enjoyable and well deserved eating at the end.

We made fish ceviche (fish cooked in the acid of lemon, limes and tomatoes - the first time I have made or eaten this, gorditas (delicious little fluffy tortillas) and  tender chipotle chicken in a soft taco wrap and a Mexican salsa verde. All cooked and eaten in two hours! The tortillas and tacos can easily be made gluten free, to make the whole meal gluten and lactose free.

We went to a 8 o'clock lesson, which means you are eating after 9.30, which feels a bit late, but didn't stop me enjoying it. But, if I were to go again, which I would happy do, I reckon it would be better to do a lunchtime lesson, starting at 12.00 - which is much better timing.

On learn a lot in the a short period of time and you get emailed the recipes the next day. The recipes are generally easy to do, between two once they have been demonstrated, in such a short space of time, you don't focus on detail or precision, which I guess matches Jamie's style and somehow it works. You rely on two people's memory to remember what to do and you can always ask a food champion. It all feels rather informal and relaxed, which means its easy to enjoy yourself and the time just flies by.
There are lots of different short workshops on offer... and you can buy vouchers as well - great for presents - mine was in fact a much appreciated birthday present!

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