Monday, 19 September 2011

Cupcake course review

Just wanted to tell you about a Cupcake workshop that I recently went on, run by The Gourmet Cupcake Company. It was an excellent day, which went by like a flash. The class lasted from 10-4 so you get plenty of time for cupcake and decoration fun.

There were only 6 people in the class, so small enough to chat to classmates but also get any support you might need. And you are given recipe sheets to take away with you, for both the cupcake and the icing. Plus a certificate to say you have completed the course :)

The class starts with a group effort to make 12 vanilla cupcakes each, you get a choice wide choice of cupcake case colours. You must choose wisely as you want your icing and decorations to match!

I had several revelations while making the cupcakes, through being shown techniques to making batches of uniform! Including using digital scales - so handy that I bought myself a set after class to weigh everything and makes the recipe much more precise. We also weighed the amount of mixture put into each cupcake case - its all about consistency, which I hadn't worried about until now.

Next we  discovered how to make decorations with sugar florist paste, how to colour the paste, how to cut shapes out. We were shown how to make lots of different thing, but being a group of women most of us choose pretty flowers and butterflies for our cupcakes :)

After the lunch break we moved on to making roses with ready to roll icing with a cup of tea and a homemade cupcake - prefect.

Next... the icing on the cake! Two kinds of icing at that. Buttercream, which seems to be everyone's favourite. I choose pale pink buttercream to go with my green cupcake cases and dark pink roses. And poured fondant icing was white to go with my black cupcake cases with yellow stars and daisies.

Altogether an awesome day and I hope my cupcakes will be much better in the future, more practicing required!   

I choose to do the course in Shoreditch as its close to home which makes normal cupcakes, but the course in Chelmsford dietary requirements can be catered for.

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