Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rogan Josh Gluten Free Curry

I have made Rogan Josh the curry-in-a-hurry Jamie Oliver style, that
uses Patak's ready made paste which is great when you need food now. The
paste is gluten free but it contains sugar, I guess as a preservative as it can
last for 6 months in your fridge.

But I recently found another helpful curry making kit without the sugar and also
gluten free... The Hare's Moor D.I.Y. Curry Kit Rogan Josh. This kit, however, is different
as it contains fresh ingredients and simple instructions so you can make your own rogan josh, by adding just a couple more ingredients to the kit. It takes a bit longer, but that extra time is worth it, as it tastes fantastic.

The instructions also help gives you options for how hot you want to make. I was feeling like a mild curry so I followed the instructions and add one whole chilli into the sauce. The instructions suggested for it to be a bit hotter, pierce the chilli, but I went for the most mild option. However... when I was stirring the sauce the chilli exploded all over my hand! Thanks goodness for sudocrem. Methinks next time I'll pierce the chilli, making it a little hotter but saving on the burns :)

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