Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Buttercream alternatives

Its always nice to have buttercream gracing your cupcakes, but it is usually made with butter and icing sugar (in a ratio of 2:1 icing sugar : butter). If you are avoiding dairy products and sugar, this isn't so great. 

I have been experimenting to find out if there is an alternative particularly to icing sugar that will those who are sugar free to enjoy buttercream. Butter is a lot easier to replace.

Normal icing sugar use refined sugar cane. The alternatively I have tried...
1) Powdered Erythritol has the same consistency as icing sugar and a similar sweetness, but leaves a strange after taste in the mouth and a weird coolness and leaves a taste long after you have eaten it - not the alternative to use for me.
2) Corn Flour with appropriate amounts of flavouring - the taste is ok - it requires 2-3 tablespoons of flavouring (e.g. vanilla, almond) it needs a couple of tablespoons of agave or honey to sweeten it (125g cornflour, 75g butter, 8 tablespoons of non-diary milk). It looks and works like buttercream but it has a floury after texture that stays in the mouth and isn't very pleasant, unfortunately.
3) Billington's Golden Icing Sugar - made from sugar cane but the sugar is not refined works exactly like normal icing sugar and is the best option if you really want frosting on your cupcakes.
4) Stevia powder - I have tried this yet, but when I have I will update the post. 

1) Organic unsalted butter
2) Soya spread
3) Olive spread
4) Sunflower spread

These all work well, but organic butter is the best, if you can have some diary. 

Hope this is helpful, happy baking!

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