Saturday, 28 May 2011

No time to bake?

I thought that after a long holiday hiatus, the most appropriate post would be about having no time to bake!

I recent experimenting as given fruit to a new favourite snack which is delicious and takes no time at all to make.

Quick Snack

Nut-Jam Rice Cakes
The Ingredients:
(Unsalted) Rice Cakes
Sugarless Jam
Vegan Cream Cheese
Peanut butter

The Method:
Just spread a layer of each on the rice cake - the combination is amazing! I personal favourite is cream cheese, peanut butter, then jam.

There are some sugarless jams out there at are very tasty. Recently I have been buying St Dalfour from Wholefood Market: the raspberry jam is particularly good.

I have learnt to always read the label and have found some very nice peanut butters that have no added sugar, two brands I have found are Whole Earth (my favourite) and Biona.

As for the cream cheese, a while ago I made my own, which is pretty easy to do and the recipe can be found on the mothers day cupcake post, minus the sugar, of course :) Or the Lactofree Vegan Cream Cheese is exactly the same as normal cream cheese, although it probably has sugar in it.

Where To Buy Cake
In london so far I have found two bakeries that lovingly produce and sell fresh gluten, dairy and sugar free cakes.

Ruby Tuesdays Bakery @ Greenwich Maret: try the banana & choc chip or chocolate and fresh fruit loafs.

The Happy Kitchen @ The Bakery in Arch 402 in London Fields - I can vouch for the Raspberry Bakewell Muffins - soooo good. If these are anything to go by, it is indeed a happy kitchen!

Dependings on where you are sometimes cakes and other yummy gluten, diary and sugar free products can be found in The Wholefood Market or Planet Orangic. It is my experience that smaller chains and independent shop/fooderies are better at providing for those of us on restricted diets compared with the major supermarkets. And taking your business to these independent places is no bad thing!

I will be back with my own recipes next week... :)

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  1. Love this idea! I've got a jar of left-over peanut butter sitting in the cupboard. Now I know what to do with it!